Ex-housemate Kemen shares rule book of BBNaija show as he reacts to Mercy-Tacha fight [photo]

Ex-Disqualified housemate of the 2017 Big Brother Naija show, Kemen, has shared a glimpse of BBNaija rule book, which clearly outlined how housemates are not allowed to get in fights while in the house.

The rule book stated that violence which includes goading, provocation, bullying and victimization will not be tolerated in the house as the reality show encourages individual expression.

The rule about violence in the BBNaija Rule Book reads; 

“Any house-mate who becomes physically violent will be removed from the house immediately. Violence can refer to self-inflicted violence, or violence towards another. Violence includes provocation, goading, bullying and victimisation”

This implies that Tacha is at risk of disqualification for dragging Mercy by the hair and Mercy might face same fate. 

Kemen wrote; 

“I just want to know…. If the particular BBN season has a RULE BOOK. cos I still have a copy of mine, and here is what it says about prohibited behaviours worthy of disqualification … It’s a game but rules make the players better.”

See photo below 

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