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The senior pastor at Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has revealed to his followers how he almost died due to fasting and praying.

The clergyman who described the period as the one he didn’t want to remember as she had fasted for 11 days without eating food or drinking water in a bid to get anointing. 

According to him, he had stooled blood and almost died due to the ordeal. He however told followers that fasting wasn’t bad but that it was important to apply wisdom. 

He wrote: 

Someone just asked me what’s the day of my life I don’t want to remember…I think it’s the period I fasted for 11days without water or food and was stooling blood…I was so eager for the ANNOINTING and forgot to apply wisdom .almost died…what’s yours?..

No..don’t get me wrong. Fasting is very helpful  positions you to recieve and walk with God(1 cor 7.5,2cor 6.5,acts 13.2,2 cor 11.27,Matt 17.21).but medically anything more than 7days without liquid is self styled suicide you need to be healthy to serve God well.

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