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Popular cross dresser Bobrisky, has cried out for help in need of new birth control methods as he claimed that his ‘bae’ doesn’t use birth control with him.

The instagram personality who has severally state that he’s a beautiful young woman has asked his fellow girls for methods to keep pregnancy away. 

He had once been spotted purchasing menstrual pads at a supermarket presumably to use for himself. 

He wrote: 

Girls I’m here again I don’t want to get pregnant now……. At the same time I don’t like condom with my bae how can I control it. Girls opinion ONLY!!!”

His bestie, Tonto Dikeh was one of the first to comment and she wrote;

“Use Bobstinor”

He had caused a stir about a day before when he said he had woken up to menstrual pains. 

See post below 

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