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Manchester City Midfielder Ikay Gundogan, has accused
Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes of diving and play-acting in City’s 2-0 defeat on Sunday.

Gundogan conceded the free-kick from which Fernandes assisted Anthony Martial to put the Red Devils ahead on 30 minutes.

And the German star has vented his frustration about the decision
and by what he believes to be Fernandes’ play-acting to deceive Dean.

“There was frustration about the free-kick before the goal – it was not at all a foul,” he said. “I just touched the ball and he (Fernandes) goes on the floor, shouting.

“I don’t even know if the referee saw it or just had a feeling that it was a foul. That was very disappointing for me, to be honest, because I was involved in the action and conceding the goal straight afterwards hurt very much.”

Goals from Martial and Mc tominay secured a famous victory for the red devils.

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