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Barcelona Super star Lionel Messi, has shared a message from quarantine as the Barcelona squad remain in isolation due to the coronavirus crisis.

Spain declared a state of emergency over the outbreak on Friday and Barcelona decided to shut their training base.

Messi took to social media to break his silence, sharing a picture with his children along with a message over the crisis which has rocked the world.

“They are complicated days for everyone,” he wrote on Instagram .

“We live worried about what is happening and we want to help putting ourselves in the place of those who are having the worst of it, either because it directly affected them or their family and friends, or because they are working on the front line to combat it in hospitals and health centres.

“Health. I want to send a lot of strength to all of them. Instagram

“Health must always come first. It is an exceptional moment and you must follow the instructions of both health
organisations and public authorities.

“Only in this way can we combat it effectively.

“It is the time to be responsible and stay at home, it is also perfect to enjoy that time with yours that you can not always have.

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