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Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has revealed that the bodies of those who died from the Coronavirus disease would not be released to prevent spread.

He said that other countries had taken extreme measures to retain the corpses of victims and hence they couldn’t be released for burial to their family members.

Speaking at a forum organized by the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja today, Lai Mohammed, said such corpses would be handled by the Ministry of Health because they are contagious.

“Coronavirus is very dangerous and contagious; there is no medicine for it yet and it is not just capable of killing, overwhelming healthcare system, it will destroy the economy. In some countries, they are putting dead bodies in big refrigerators, because the morgues have filled up. Nigerians should not forget that these are not the type of corpses that can be claimed for burial because it must be handled by the ministry of health,” he said.

The Minister seized the opportunity to applaud Nigerians for complying with the stay at home order of their state governments to curb the spread of the virus.

The current number of cases stands at 190 with 24 people discharged so far.

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