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Davido’s cousin and singer Sina Rambo has gone on social media to call out his brother in law whom he accused of beating up his sister and taking a side chick to their home.

The singer had made the post about his sister Folashade Adeleke who has a son named Kairo with the brother in law @_kingchic.

Sharing screenshots online, Sina called him a woman beater for putting “his hands on my sister“. He also accuse Kingchic of bringing his side chic into the home, which he said his father paid for.

Out of anger, Sina Rambo said Kingchic has been “cut off” and he’s taking over the role of Kairo’s father.

“I’m Kairo’s dad now,” Sina Rambo said.

He went on to say,

“You have no life anymore, scam self you can’t do again balu !! You wanna take it out on my sister !!! The poor girl loves you and this how you repay her? By bringing another woman to her house? That my father paid for !!!! Your bitch.”

In yet another post, he wrote,

“This bitch gon learn!!!! Never touch my fu**ing family !!!! _kingchic Woman beater !!!! Big ass nose _kingchic.”

He also shared screenshots of his chats with Kingchic where he threatened his brother-in-law with jail.

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