If you want to do surgery, do it cause life is short – Toke Makinwa advises

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Former OAP and entrepreneur Toke Makinwa, has advised those who want to get surgery done on their body to go ahead because life is short.

She however advised them to be ready to exercise after the procedure as the surgery was only half the work.

She said that surgery was like cheating on a long journey to body positivity but that it was allowed nonetheless.

Toke wrote:

If you want to get your body done, do it, life is too short and just make sure it is what you want and not what you think is expected of you, No one is perfect and you’ll still need lots of exercising to keep fit. Surgery is half of it, any surgeon will tell you.
In other words, if you must cheat, cheat but know that the body is not a machine, you’ll still need discipline, exercise and portion control to stay fit. The weight after surgery is not cute, start exercising now so it becomes a lifestyle. ????????

This is coming after twitter influencer Omohtee revealed that she was battling for her life after undergoing plastic surgery.

See tweets below

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