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A lady on twitter has shocked the users of the platform after she revealed that she’d once slept with her friend’s boyfriend due to jealousy.

She had replied a post about the worse thing she’d ever done because she was jealous and narrated how she’d slept with him as it annoyed her that her friend kept posting him all over social media.

She blamed the man for being weak and unable to withstand temptation and referred to men as cheap dogs who could not be trusted.

The unrepentant woman took no portion of the blame and said she’d only proved how terrible men were.

She narrated:

I ruined someone’s relationship.
Started shooting shot and eventually sleeping with her boyfriend because she didn’t let me rest about him on the timeline
First of all, the man is to be blamed and not me. I was single and I didn’t owe anybody anything. He was the one in the relationship and still cheated so he’s the fuck up
I hope from this we can all agree that men are useless, weak when it comes to sexual matters and have no self control. They are also never faithful and incapable of curving other women even when they are in relationships.
With these few tweets of mine I hope I’ve been able to convince you and not confuse you that men are cheap and easy and no man is faithful.
You can have any man you want, married, single, engaged, relationship, anyone
They are all cheap dogs????????????

See tweets below

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: All attendees of Funke Akindele’s party will be prosecuted – Lagos Government 

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