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Governor Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki, has announced that a curfew will be implemented in Edo state as from 20th of April in a bid to fight COVID-19 pandemic.

He noted that it would a 6am – 7pm curfew and that it would last for 10 days to check its effectiveness in curbing the spread.

He also announce that the testing center in UBTH was ready to go while speaking about the isolation centers in Irrua with about 30 ventilators.

His words:

I am glad to inform you that the testing center at the #UBTH is now ready. We have begun trial tests under the guidance ofthe Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (@NCDCgov) we expect it will commence full operations this week.
I am also pleased to inform you, surveillance, contact tracing and line listing is very effective in all local governments in #EdoState. Every reported case is actively searched and Persons of Interest (POIs) are thoroughly followed up.
We have started treating patients in 3 of the 4 isolation centers in Benin City, Irrua and Auchi, which have a total capacity of 300 beds and 30 ventilators.
We realise we need to do more social distancing at this time. Therefore, we are taking additional measures to ensure that people stay at home. Consequently, with effect from tomorrow 20th April an order prohibiting movement of people in #EdoState from7pm to 6am.
This order will be reviewed after 10 days when we have increased our screening and testing of our citizens. The security agencies, by this directive, are mandated to enforce total compliance by ensuring that movement is restricted at night across the State.
All drivers and passengers of all vehicles bringing essential workers and commodities into the state will be screened by health professionals and triaged. We crave your indulgence to cooperate with them as we ensure the process is without much hitches.

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