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The Eredivisie have confirmed that they will meet with UEFA this was after Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte banned football in Holland until September 1.

The Dutch top-flight have confirmed that they now intend to end the season following the announcement, and will look towards ways of doing so in a manner that satisfies their clubs.

“That the events requiring a permit remain prohibited until 1 September creates clarity. Until then, no professional football is played, even without an audience,” said the league in a statement on Tuesday.

“As a result, the board of professional football, which is formally about that, intends not to continue playing the
league 19/20.

“Based on the government’s decision today, the KNVB will consult with UEFA. After which the decision is made. On
Friday, the clubs and other par

“That the KNVB has not yet definitively canceled the interrupted competitions, is mainly because the professional
football industry has come into financial difficulties due to the corona crisis.

“Attempts are made to prevent clubs from falling over and the courts from football disappearing.

“As in other parts of our economy, efforts are being made to protect an industry as much as possible against the financial consequences of the current crisis.”

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