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Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has cried out to his followers and fans to stop begging him for money online as he’s broke himself.

The actor told fans that it was only in movies that he was freakishly rich after performing occultic money rituals but otherwise he was going through the same dry spell as everyone else during the lockdown.

He said that he hadn’t worked for 3 weeks and was waiting on credit bank alerts from the federal Government to help him out.

He tweeted:

Some folks are still sending me account numbers, after 3 weeks of lockdown.
Come on now guys, na all of us dey the matter oo.
3 weeks nothing don enter, no work.
Na for film I dey do money ritual, it’s not real.
I dey wait for alert from Federal Govt.
e don red everywhere

See tweet below

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