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Former OAP and entrepreneur Toke Makinwa has spoken about how hurtful the words of parents can be as it made her run away from home several times as a kid.

Toke who spoke about the video of a man beating his child for failing in school after paying millions in school fees said the beating was deserved.

She however noted that words had an even bigger effect on children than beatings as it could affect them for life even when their physical scars were done.

She narrated how she’d run girl both her mum and her adopted mom’s houses for this reason and urged parents to support their children’s dreams but to do it with discipline.

She tweeted:

I ran away from home a number of times, from my birth mum to my adopted one, they were sisters so the madness was the same

Letting your kids follow their passion but with strict guidance is key, I don’t necessarily think education by book/classroom a must to success, but education of the mind, exposure, opportunities, going to school is great, it teaches you discipline but schooling your mind is key

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