North Korea’s Supreme leader Kim Jong-Un reportedly dies after botched heart surgery

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North Korea’s leader and dictator Kim Jong-un, is reportedly dead or very near death with no chance of survival or recovery after undergoing heart surgery, reports media outlets in China and Japan.

According to reports, China had sent a medical team to the country this week to check in on Kim.

A Hong Kong media outlet Director had put the report on a social media app called Weibo for her nearly 15 million followers to read, citing a “very solid source” about the claim Kim had, in fact, perished.

A Japanese magazine reports he’s in a “vegetative state” after a heart surgery gone wrong. They reported that Kim had once clutched his chest and went down during a visit to a part of his country.

He had needed a stent procedure done, but apparently it either wasn’t done rapidly enough, or it was botched completely by the surgeon with some reports saying he had shaky hands.

Speculations continue to circulate as Kim has not been seen by the public for weeks now with CNN reporting some days ago that he was in ‘grave danger’ after a medical procedure.

There are reports that Kim Jong-Un’s sister, Kim Yo-jong is set to take over from her brother’s rule after already occupying a key position following a promotion recently.

The nation watches as an important historic event set to occur on Saturday would have the Kim in attendance due to its importance and if he really is not dead as claimed.

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Amadin Ogbewe

Written by Amadin Ogbewe

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