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A 30-year-old man identified as Salahatu Haruna, has been arrested after allegedly kidnapping his elder brother, Yakubu Haruna, and killing his 7-year-old nephew in Bingiyaro, Kaduna State.

He was arrested with Isa Yakubu and Umaru Musa. Musa was paid allegedly paid N10,000 for knowing about the planned abduction of Yakubu, but kept quiet about it.

The kidnappers had been convened by Salahatu who opened fire on the elder brother, killing his son in the process from a shot to the head.

The kidnappers would later demand N3m and after negotiation, N1m ransom was collected from Yakubu for his freedom. Salahatu was given N200,000 as his share of the ransom.

He was, however, busted when he started throwing money around. Some members of his village, suspicious of his sudden wealth, tipped-off operatives of the IRT.

The operatives launched investigation and soon found out that Salahatu had a hand in his brother’s abduction and nephew’s death.

During interrogation, Salahatu said:

“I wasn’t angry with my elder brother, but I organised his abduction because I had no money or food to feed my two wives and nine children.

I equally do not have enough money to spend as a man. I was too ashamed to beg my brother for money because there is a sort of rivalry between his wives and mine.

I’m pained that I got my nephew killed. I believe that it was my nephew’s destiny to die young. I want the police to give me a second chance.”

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