How Coronavirus have had a negative impact on Sporting events around the world

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The Coronavirus pandemic has seen a host of Sporting activities Disrupted as a result of it’s rapid acceleration.

As at now over 2,426,786 cases have been recorded across the world with Nigeria having over 700 cases and counting and this includes some top individuals in the Sporting World with the likes of Mikel Arteta, Paulo Dybala, Kenny Daglish and several others all testing positive for the virus.

This has had a negative impact on many Sporting activities including the ability of the betting sites in Nigeria to function.

From postponement of football tournaments to cancelling of Major activities and putting leagues on temporary suspension, even sports in Nigeria has been put on hold.

As we all continue hoping for a solution, we take a look at four Sporting events it has been affected significantly by the deadly virus.

1 Football

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Football is the biggest sporting event on planet Earth, and the deadly coronavirus has had a negative impact on it.

Football clubs have had to cut down the wages bills of their players, Tournaments, world leagues, Nigerian leagues have all been suspended, Football stars have made important donations to health organizations to help curtail the spread virus, and most significantly Football fans have been deprived of the joy the beautiful game brings.

Although, There have been Reports of leagues resuming behind close doors in June, but what’s Football without fans?

2 Sports betting

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Now here’s an aspect that has not only impacted Sporting activities but also had an impact on the Finances of Sport fans.

A lot of betting sites have also gone on suspension as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and some fans have been affected financially.

Betting is a source of revenue to many as some individuals make their daily breads from running of bet shops.

Top betting sites in Nigeria are making efforts to offer bets on whatever sports are still going on over the world. Nevertheless, lots of professional punters have now been forced to look for a new side hustle during the Coronavirus pandemic in other to make ends meet.

3 Tokyo Olympics (2020)

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics was on course for a big success but has now been postponed until 2021 by the international Olympics Commitee.

This again was also as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic which restricted athletes from training for the event.

This is indeed a huge blow to host country Japan who would have invested a lot money for this event, and could lose up $10bn if the event fails to hold.

4 Boxing

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Boxing is also one of the sporting events suffering from the Coronavirus pandemic with a number of big matches being called of.

This promoters, venues, broadcasters and fans with no idea when boxing — or sports in general will resume.

And with no matches going on, nobody is making money not the gym trainers, fighters, Broadcasters, or even the managers.

Although there is every reason to be optimistic about the end of the Coronavirus with people recovering from the disease and with the Governments putting things together.

One day it would surely be over and Sporting activities would be the talk of the world again.


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