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The Italian Seria A is set to return by June 2 as Italy prepares to move into the next phase of the coronavirus pandemic response.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte confirmed the announcement while also permitting all Seria A clubs to start full training from May 18.

The English premier league are also working towards returning in June with the remaining matches to be played behind close doors.

A statement released by the Italian prime Minister read:

“You have all shown strength, courage, sense of  responsibilityand community.

“Now the phase of living with the virus begins for everyone and we must be aware that during Phase Two, there is the risk we’ll see the curve climb in some areas of the country.

“It’ll be even more important to maintain social distancing, at least one metre.

“Even when seeing family, we must still maintain this precaution, because the scientists tell us that at least one out
of four infections come via family members.

“If we do not respect social distancing, the curve will climb again, so will the number of deaths, and we will have
irreversible damage to our economy.
“If you love this country, then respect social distancing.”

The German Bundesliga is also on course for a full resumption on May 9.

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