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On Monday April 27th, the inmates at Sapele prison in Delta state, Nigeria caused a ruckus by setting the facility on fire.

The prisoners were supposedly protesting the release of a select few of them when more of them were legible for freedom too.

The inmates protested over the release of only three inmates of the facility, even though 25 persons were granted amnesty by the state government.

The lax welfare of the prison was also brought up as a bone of contention by the aggrieved inmates.

An official of the correctional center said;

“None of the inmate escaped during the riot aside one building that was set ablaze by the inmate which about three offices were affected. The situation has been brought under control.

“The Delta State Comptroller of Correctional Centres has just arrived with the Police Area Commander in Sapele as well as the Divisional Police Officer. The Chairman of Sapele council is also here.

“What the inmates are saying is that they are not happy that only three of their colleagues were released when the state Chief Judge visited us some days back. They are demanding more people should be freed to decongest the place.”

The fire was contained by a combined team of firefighters from the State Fire Service and Seplat Fire Service.

Watch video below


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