It’s not by tweeting it’s by working – Banky W reacts to old tweet of Wizkid begging him to sign him

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Musician cum politician Banky Wellington aka Banky W has reacted to an old tweet made by singer Wizkid where he had begged to be signed.

The tweet had gone viral again recently after about 9 years as many took it as a motivation to ‘shoot their shots’ on twitter.

Banky however revealed that when Wizkid made the tweet he had already signed him and they had been working together for more than a year.

He added that Wizkid and himself were just having fun on twitter and that the tweet wasn’t the reason they had history.

He told fans and followers that what mattered was the work one put into their art and not just tweeting.

He tweeted:

Lol so I hate to depress everyone that’s using this tweet as motivation, but this was a joke. He was already signed to EME at the time and we had been working together for a year and a half or so. We were just catching cruise. It does not happen by tweeting. It’s by working.

See tweets below

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