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An 87-year-old man identified as Simon Kamakia, has shocked his children with the drastic action of selling of all properties he bequeathed this them for failing to attend his wedding.

The grandfather who is from Arusha, Tanzania, had taken a new 40-year-old wife.

According to reports, the new wife had convinced him to sell off his numerous properties.

“They did not come to the wedding, therefore, embarrassing me. I did not like it to see there was no one close to me in church,” said Simon.

He further noted that he sold all the land where his children and relatives lived since they did not support his decision to remarry.

The children in their defense, said that they didn’t attend as they were still in grief and mourning their mother’s death.

Simon then vowed to sell everything that belongs to him and leave for good.

He is alleged to have taken over the rental houses that he had previously given to his children. He transferred the onus of looking after the houses to a son he reportedly sired outside wedlock.

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