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Watford Manager Neil Pearson, has revealed six of his players are down inside the first week of Project Restart after two more went into isolation.

Recall, three individuals from the club (2 staffs and 1 player) tested positive on Monday following the premier league tests results.

Dockaysworld also reported super eagles star Issac success, was not the player who tested positive.

The club later revealed the Player was Defender Adrian Mariappa.

And now, Person has revealed new setbacks at the club in the eye of the coronavirus storm, he hit out at the “political animals” who have  maintained a deafening silence instead of speaking out about the risks of the Premier League’s proposed resumption next month.

“We’ve got a couple more people in
isolation because of close contact with people who have tested positive – even though their own test results have
come back negative.

“That shows you the complications we’ve got, but we’re not a full squad – one player through testing positive, two more because they’ve been in close contact with somebody else and we have the players who decided not to come in.

“We’ve had several players not available for different reasons. Hopefully that situation will change in time.”

“I find it awkward to talk about football when we’re in such a difficult situation. It doesn’t seem right to be talking
too much about football when we’ve got so many fatalities.

“I’m happy, when given the opportunity, to say what I think. What’s the point of having a meeting and not saying what
you think?

“I’m not a political animal like some people are. And others  can have their opinions.

“The wellbeing and health of players and staff comes first. We’ve got to be prepared for change. What others think, they think.

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