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A Nigerian woman has drawn attention after her 2-year-old daughter was raped and her response was to blame the little girl for the crime.

She could be seen referring to her daughter as a prostitute for being raped by the much older man.

A lady who shared details of the incident revealed that she met the mother and her two daughters around Idumota in Lagos when she noticed a red blood stain on her two year old daughter’s eyes and was curious to know what had caused it.

The mother of the two-year-old girl then shared that her infant daughter was raped and then went ahead to blame the little girl for the incident.

She added that the toddler was always insisting to go out in search of the man who raped her.

When asked what she did to the man who raped her daughter, she said she did nothing to the man because her two-year-old daughter is at fault.

Many have begun to search for the woman to protect the child from further harm.

Watch video below


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