Tacha reveals how COVID-19 ruined her financially [video]

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Ex-BBNaija housemate, Tacha Akide, has shared with her fans how the COVID-19 pandemic affected her in multiple ways including financially, emotionally and psychologically.

The reality TV star disclosed this in a video she posted on her official YouTube channel tagged “I Survived”.

She spoke about the moral lessons she learnt from the whole ordeal as she stated that it was very important to spread love and positivity. She revealed how the sad news rampant around the lockdown had started to affect her. 

Tacha spoke about using ginger and garlic a lot during that period and how she was scared the world would end during lockdown. 

She said, 

“I had a breakdown and I had to ask myself ― ‘what is the world turning to? What have I learnt’? Back in school, we were taught to always learn moral lessons from stories.

“The moral lesson I learnt from the COVID-19 lockdown was to (always) spread love. I had to speak to a life coach who told me I needed to take a break, even if it was for three days.

It was so bad that I would just lay on my bed, cover myself with clothes and be shaking because I was sad. I did not enjoy that period. I did not enjoy seeing the bad news (all around). I kept taking ginger and garlic every day.”

“I was one of the people that thought the world was coming to an end during the COVID-19 lockdown. I also asked, ‘Is God angry with us’?

The lockdown really messed me up financially, emotionally and psychologically. It had a very bad effect on me. There were a lot of rape cases during the lockdown and hearing of so many bad happenings affected my head.

Whenever I am not online, it means I am taking a break from the negative happenings for the sake of my mental health.”

“2020 has taught me how to spread love. One minute you are seeing someone, the next minute, the person is no more.

“Even with all these, there are still people who like to put negative comments on one’s posts on social media. At this point, I don’t have words for anybody that spreads hate.

This is the time we must spread love. We must make deliberate efforts to spread love.”

Watch video below


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