Trump will lose to Biden then he will be impeached for his female VP to become president – Apostle Suleman’s prophecy months ago [video]

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A prophecy by the Omega Fire ministries founder, Apostle Johnson Suleman, in 2019 about Trump losing the election has begun to circulate once more on social media. 

In Suleman’s yearly predictions, he prophesied that Trump would lose his re-election bid. He would later state that Trump losing wasn’t the problem rather it was the events that would occur after he lost.

According to him, after Biden won, he would be impeached and his Vice President who is Kamala Harris would then become president of the United States. He said that this would spell doom for the world. 

He said: 

“America should not joke with the next election, because they all will support the opponent of the current president. 

The Lord gave me a prophesy last year or so, that Trump would not be re-elected.

The opponent is not the issue, but his running mate is, the running mate is a lady and if the opponent wins, the opponent will be impeached for the running mate to take over.”

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Watch the video below

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Amadin Ogbewe

Written by Amadin Ogbewe

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