World stands still as Rapper Vic O challenges MI Abaga to rap battle

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Popular rapper and internet sensation Vic O has challenged veteran rapper MI to a rap battle causing many to shiver for the fate of the J Town Rapper. 

Vic o had called out MI Abaga on twitter to a rap battle. When some started to note that MI might not survive the massacre, Vic chimed in that MI was scared of him. 

M forced to take up the challenge had conceded to a twitter battle instead of a live one  so as to mitigate the damages apparently.

The legendary Vic had the launched a twitter attack and declared MI finished by his mastery. Fans still await M’s reply though they do not envy his current situation.

Recall, Vic O had seemed to have a hand in the end of the beef between US rappers Drake and Meek Mill after he dropped a diss track for both of them.

See tweets below 

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Amadin Ogbewe

Written by Amadin Ogbewe

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