You’re a peasant and a coward – Interior designer blasts BBN’s Khloe as she leaks his phone number/photos for doing incomplete job [photos]

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Big Brother Naija graduate Khloe has been embroiled in drama recently after she called out an interior designer who had done an incomplete job in her home. 

The reality tv star had taken to her instagram page to expose the designer’s apparent lack of work ethic as she narrated how she’d given the designer, identified as Elephant Bills, a lot of time and even added more money. 

She added that she’d had to arrest him during the process and he had pleaded for more time which she gave him. 

The designer had then gone on to call Khloe a coward after they failed to reconcile their defenses. Khloe had then warned that she would go public with it. 

She had stated that the designer was a failed internet fraudster who was still failing.

She wrote: 

Don’t do business with this man manassehlifestyleinteriors @elephantbills … 

pls do not ( i repeat )

I paid this man over 5months just to change somethings in my house and i have been begging , shouting , crying for him to finish my job … i dint want to come here cos i don’t want people to feel in using my platform for this but common i have to speak out …

The fact that he feels he’s right is the problem ..

i have taken this man to station he pleaded for a week and additional money , which i did .. it’s almost 2 months after than and he’s not done .. i threatened him and he said his damn wife ask him not to pick my calls or come to my house . i ask his worker to pls come that i ll compensate them , they did and now giving me charges that a lot saying they don’t work for him. i called this man . guess what he said ? did we have any written agreement , i’m a coward and a peasant…

i’m not the only one he has done this too .. my neigbour arrested him days ago too … [email protected]

right now the bastard has blocked me


now look at this waste of a man …

literally my typing is his problem??‍♀️

yes i cursed out your whole family and i’m saying it again “you and your household will not know peace “ evil will befall you before this year runs out “

if only i dint pay for the job , pay extra and even gave you my 100 percent patience @elephantbills

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Amadin Ogbewe

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