Journalist Kiki Mordi reacts as lady alleged to be brains behind #sexforgrades documentary Oge Obi attempts suicide after twitter dragging [video]

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Young journalist Oge Obi reportedly the brains behind the famous #sexforgrades documentary has attempted suicide after being dragged on Twitter.

Few days ago Journalist Ruona Meyer had accused Kiki Mordi who’s regarded as the journalist behind the documentary of stealing the credit off of Oge who she claimed was the one to pitch the story.

Oge would later go on Twitter to imply that she had been robbed as she seemingly accused Kiki of using sexual favors to hijack her documentary.

Kiki Mordi has since reacted claiming that no one pitched the sexforgrades documentary and that she would not allow her hard work be erased.

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Watch video below

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Amadin Ogbewe

Written by Amadin Ogbewe

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