Nigerians drag Abike Dabiri for circulating fake news about release of Kidnapped Kankara Schoolboys

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The chairman of the Nigerians in Diaspora commission and former member house of reps, Abike Dabiri has been caught sharing fake news about the release of the kodnapped Kankara schoolboys.

In the afternoon of December 17th, 2020, Dabiri has tweeted that the 333 boys kidnapped in Katsina had been released claiming that the president had done his job.

She would promptly delete her tweet after this was found to be untrue. Abiki would them go on to deny that the tweet came from her account.

After being caught as lying, she switched gears and claimed to have been hacked but had recovered her twitter account back all of a sudden.

Nigerians who were not having that took their pages to drag the politician for making a mistake and subsequently lying.

She wrote:

Pls don’t credit any post on katsina boys to my twitter handle. I lost control of my handle in the last couple of minutes, along with my Instagram. I have recovered and changed my password

See tweets below

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