Is it right to withhold the money you promised to pay someone for sex – Singer Queency Benna reacts to claims she wasn’t raped

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Nigerian singer Queency Benna, has reacted to chats that she wasn’t raped rather she was simply disgruntled after being paid half the agreed sum following sex.

Reacting to claims, Beena insisted she’d been raped but also pointed out that it was wrong to not pay an artisan the agreed sum after having sex with them implying that it constituted a form of rape.

Recall the accused doctor Obi had said that he didn’t rape her but that it was consensual sex where they’d agreed he ought to pay 200k but he’d only sent 100k prompting her to make the accusations.

The alleged doctor has since been accused by other women of raping them or otherwise refusing to honor an agreement to pay.

Beena also noted that the chats that had been circulating where she’d seemed to have been owed money for sex were doctored.

See her posts below

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Amadin Ogbewe

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