Avoid Nigeria for the rest of your life – Singer Tems threatens Ugandan musician Bebe Cool as she exposes his part in her arrest

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Nigerian musician Tems, who recently regained her freedom has blasted Ugandan singer Bebe Cool blaming him for her arrest and detention for days.

The artiste went on a rant on Twitter as she dragged Bebe for causing her suffering in the East African country as she warned him never to come to Nigerian as she would pounce on him.

She accused Bebe of calling the police on them and then pretending to be the one who had rescued them from prison.

Tems’s manager Muyiwa also blasted Bebe, stating that there were many people ready to deal with him already.

According to reports Bebe had been against the concert from the start as he resented Nigerian artistes being paid for shows in his country during COVID-19 and had set up Tems and Omah Lay whole pretending to be on their side.

Tems wrote:

[email protected] I swear AVOID Nigeria for the rest of your life. If you ever find out I’m in the same place as you. RUN for your life because I will not be in chains. And nothing will stop me from pouncing on you. You should cut off your dick, it’s clearly too small to be useful

[email protected] I know you before? Who the Fvck are you? You followed the police around and bribed them to send you pictures of our release papers so that you can look like you had anything to do with the release. See your head? Na pit latrine dey inside not brain.

This is the last time I’m speaking about this. Enjoy the Clout @BebeCoolUG

It is the most you will EVER get in your life.

@BebeCoolUG Your friend broke into our room and took us after YOU called. Only for me to see you in the DPO’s office, chilling and Laughing with him. Lmao in my presence and you thought I would sit there and allow you to speak to me. YOU are worse than shit.

@BebeCoolUG You called the police on us. YOU got us arrested. Dickless fuck.

@BebeCoolUG first of all, You are what I call a stinking dirty fucking BITCH

Muyiwa wrote:

First of all, nobody is your young brother you twat. Second of all, you are literally the biggest embarrassment of a human being I have ever encountered in my life. How dare you set us up and then  try to take credit for the release?!

This twat @BebeCoolUG fully said to me in the car “Uganda loves Nigeria but Nigeria not so much us”. IDIOT DO YOU KNOW NAIJA BLEW PARTY AFTA PARTY BY BIG TRILL…WHO IS FROM…UGANDA?!?!

I’m not gonna spend too long on this goat @BebeCoolUG. T and I just want y’all to know that this idiot had NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH OUR RELEASE. He is the REASON for all of this nonsense. I don’t even need to deck you. Too many guys dey on top your matter already

I was so mad at this point that I didn’t even notice your shoes. Stop focusing on Nigerian artists. You CLEARLY have other issues  @BebeCoolUG

The only reason I didn’t beat tf out of you in that car is because I was in your country @BebeCoolUG. I promise you it’s on sight anywhere else. You are almost 85 years old and you are still upcoming. Even your own country hates you. You’re actually done ouchea

This clown @BebeCoolUG drove 3 hours to the maximum security prison @Omah_Lay and I were at WITH HIS OWN PRESS AND STARTED PRETENDING TO CHASE THEM AWAY FROM RECORDING US AS WE WERE RELEASED?! Do you think we are as stupid as your children??

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Amadin Ogbewe

Written by Amadin Ogbewe

Amadin Ogbewe is a senior news reporter at Dockaysworld. He’s a chemist from the Ancient city of Benin. He enjoys slandering babies and watching sitcoms. He has been published on Fireside fiction magazine, Expound Magazine and others.


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