Socialite Pretty Mike complains bitterly about price of bone straight hair as ‘Zaddy’ duties become unbearable

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Popular Lagos Socialite Pretty Mike, has decried the extravagant price of the famous bone straight hair.

He took to his instagram page to explain that the ‘new’ hair was nothing special and not worth the stated price.

He added that he was complaining due to his position as a ‘zaddy ‘ which saw him buying several units of the wig.

He wrote:

To be Honest I really don’t get the hype with this Bone straight Hair”. This straight type of hair has been available for a long long time, it’s just the name that is new.. This straight hair used to be the least expensive and the least sought after hair because people tot it was just boring and straight…. People would rather get double drawn straight hair than this hair and Bouncy/curly hair used to be more expensive……Now Because of the name “Bone Straight and the trend, the prices has ridiculously skyrocketed?.. I’m speaking out of experience as a Zaddy…

What annoys me the most is how some hair Vendors literally do the most !!.. For example, how can u sell bundles of bone straight hair 250k, closure 55k, as a wig 400k… Dont you even have any conscience, are you not afraid that thunder might strike you or the holy trumpet might sound ???. The most painful thing is that this bone straight of 400k/600k/1m+, just Last Year/Earlier This Year Used To Be The Cheapers/Least Expensive Type Of Hair!!!..

As far as I’m concerned, by January this year this year, there was nothing like bone straight hair.. The madness started sometimes in the middle of this year. Whoever started this bone straight hair trend is in the Illuminati and will definitely go to hell?alongside with those lying ass hair vendors that are doing the most…..

Note “ if u haven’t purchased over 50 hairs in the last 2 years pls u can’t hold the title of LagosZaddy” …. #BabyDaddyOfSix#HusbandMaterial#cubanaGroup#ZaddyWayKnowWaitinDeySup#RemyInfluences

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