“They wanted to go and kill Laycon” – Erica’s mum blurts our sensitive information as she abruptly ends live feed [video]

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Ex Big Brother Naija housemate, Erica Nlewedim’s mom has caused her daughter to abruptly end a live video after she suddenly blurted out awkward information.

Erica had gone live on Instagram with popular singer, Slimcase and during the video, Erica’s mother was heard in the background saying something about a group of people who allegedly planned to kill Laycon.

“They wanted to go and Kill Laycon”, Erica’s mom said as her daughter quickly ended the love session.

Erica was shocked to hear her mother talk about Laycon, so she immediately disconnected the live video, and fans of Laycon have been dragging the mother and daughter over the video.

Watch video below

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Written by Amadin Ogbewe

Amadin Ogbewe is a senior news reporter at Dockaysworld. He’s a chemist from the Ancient city of Benin. He enjoys slandering babies and watching sitcoms. He has been published on Fireside fiction magazine, Expound Magazine and others.


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