How can you suspend a man old enough to be your father – Adamu Garba drags Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey over Trump ban

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Former presidential candidate Adamu Garba, has called out twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for permanently banning US President Donald Trump for violating the rules.

Recall, Twitter had announced that Trump’s account was permanently banned following inciting comments which led to the death of a woman.

Garba while reacting to the situation said that Jack was simply doing as his bosses ordered and not because he had the guts to ban a man older than him.

Recall, Garba had dragged Jack to court for endorsing the Endsars protests.

He wrote:

Jack has to do what his bosses asked him to. He was not cultured. How can he suspend a man old enough to be his father? To preserve your sanity, run to crowwe now oooo! Lol

He ran away because he knew the consequences. The case could have him removed as Twitter CEO when properly escalated. He knew that.

You can see how sometimes, Nigerian citizens can be more powerful than the President of United States, all we need is unity in principles.

See tweets below

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