Wizkid’s Baby mama cries out as women flood her son’s DMs with nudes

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Wizkid’s first Babymama, Shola Ogudu, has warned off women who keep sending her son Boluwatife nudes.

She too to her son’s social media page to give a warning to the grown women.

According to Shola, she does not understand why grown women would be sending inappropriate messages to her son who is just 9 years old and she threatened to expose them if they don’t stop.

Mixed reactions trailed her post and some social media users quizzed Shola on why her 9-year-old son has an Instagram account.

According to Instagram policy, the age limit to sign up for the photo-sharing website is 13-years and it means Shola and her son went against this policy.

Some reactions below

Tee James wrote ;

In the first it’s an error from your part to grant your son access to social media. As a mother correct the error quickly because already the brain of the innocent boy has store up junks and he will process them

attorneyamudi_nyc wrote ;

What is he doing online in the first place? He can have an account, does he have to manage it?

janettenaj1 wrote ;

Watin 9yrs old dey do with phone

yeshua_myguide1 wrote ;

9 year olds should be somewhere studying not social media

Salami Isoyiza Hawa wrote ;

What is a boy his age doing on Instagram to start with?

He is not up to 18,when a child who isn’t of age tries to do what people of age do,certainly he should be ready for what adults do. 9 years on Instagram cos he is wizkid’s illegitimate son. Madam hide your son from social media and raise him well.

Ottah Simon wrote ;

This our generation,

In few year we would have lost everything about parenting and morals. For Christ’s sake what’s a 9 year old doing with a phone talk more of on Instagram. At 9 the young man has so much to learn because the brain is a sponge at that age, everything he see online at that young age would certainly mold him and I bet you for the worse. Come on our mothers of today it’s not a competition just train these little ones right.

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