Fear grips judge as Sowore appears in court with personal babalawo [video]

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Sahara reporters publisher Omoyele Sowore has caused a stir as he appeared at the magistrate court in Abuja with a “babalawo” in tow.

Dockaysworld correspondent reports that Lawyers, journalists and other court personnel were left shocked by the former presidential Candidate’s choice of association.

“The Gods are angry”, Sowore could be heard saying to his entourage while awaiting the presiding judge on the matter.

Recall A Chief Magistrate Court in Abuja had fixed March 2 for the trial of the activist and four others for alleged criminal conspiracy, unlawful assembly and inciting public disturbance.

Sowore had been accused of carrying placards and calling for a forceful revolution. He was eventually granted 20 million naira bail after which he regained his freedom.

The journalist, while explaining his reasoning for arriving with a priest said that Africans needed to respect their culture more. He added that the priest had every right to be in court like anyone else.

Sowore and his other defendants had their bail conditions varied as the judge adjourned the case till May 7th.

Watch video below

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