Blogger Linda Ikeji blasts movie ‘Coming 2 America’ in scathing review

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Popular Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji, has blasted the recently released movie ‘Coming 2 America’ for being below standard.

The entrepreneur took to her Twitter page to share her views on the sequel starring Eddie Murphy whom she claimed had “raised little money” to shoot the movie.

She pointed out that she only noticed two locations including Rick Ross’s home and Tyler Perry’s studio.

The mother of one rated the movie a measly 3 out of 10, tagging the plot and storyline weak.

She tweeted:

Coming 2 I doubt any big studio was behind it. Looks like something Eddy Murphy raised little money for and called his comedy friends to join. Locations at Rick Ross home &Tyler Perry studio. Weak storyline & plot. A good laugh but nothing close to the classic. 3/10

See her tweet and reactions below

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