Stop joking about depression – BBN’s Erica warns fans

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Former Big brother naija housemate Erica Nweledim, has urged her fans and followers not to joke about the mental illness of depression.

The actress took to her Twitter page to advise her large following about how serious the illness was and how it wasn’t an avenue to insult those suffering from it.

Erica urged fans to help those going through depression with professional help instead of mocking them or blaming them for their ailment.

She tweeted:

Stop joking about depression, stop using it as an insult to people. If you’re not sure someone is really depressed don’t say he/she is and if you are sure, help the person by pointing them in the right direction for treatment.

This is coming after the reality TV star called out music producer Samklef for seemingly slut-shaming her on Twitter following his exchange with singer Simi. Recall the producer had disclosed his intent to view singer Tems backside in a now deleted tweet.

See tweets below

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