Governor El-Rufai tackles lawyer who questioned his leadership methods on Twitter [video]

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The governor of Kaduna state Nasir El-Rufai, has hit out at a lawyer Ayo Sogunro on Twitter after the latter condemned his leadership skills.

A Twitter user had brought up an issue of road vandalism to the governor on the platform, prompting El-Rufai to declare his intended use of force and the law to put an end to it.

The user wrote:

This is one of the more than 15 Cross Drainages dug on the Kaduna to Kachia highway at exactly Kufana Village, @betterkajuru LGA. I hope @GovKaduna @elrufai & @CafraCaino will see this & take immediate action before these villages damage the road.

El-Rufai replied:

This destruction of public infrastructure is a crime under the Miscellaneous Offenses Act. The vandals masquerading as “aggrieved youths” have been arrested & will be vigorously prosecuted. Kufana residents will pay for the reinstatement from their LG FAAC allocation. – @elrufai

Ayo had then suggested:

It’s fine if your govt wants to jail everyone but you should understand than not all social problems will be solved by jailing, fining, and banning.
Sometimes, creative solutions – like putting a proper speed bump on the road – is all that is needed to resolve the issue.

The governor who was not having it quickly addressed the lawyer:

Mr Populist @ayosogunro When you are elected Governor, you can apply your shallow, but ‘innovative’ solutions in response to conduct of vandals & sundry criminals. In Kaduna State, till May 29, 2023 in sha Allah I have the mandate of 1.1m voters to enforce the laws of the land.

Ayo however clarified his position:

I’m not even popular talk less of being populist. But that aside, the picture was a speed breaker not just casual vandalism. Even your tweet says it was done by aggrieved youths, not some random criminals. Do you care about addressing the reason why they were aggrieved?

See tweets below

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