Go and build your own – Ka3na fires back at trolls after shading Nengi’s new house

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BBNaija ex-housemate Ka3na, has fired back at critics after being dragged for shading fellow graduate Nengi Hampson.

Recall Ka3na had come under fire after she seemingly shaded Nengi for acquiring a new house by claiming she’d done same without being a big brother naija housemate.

Ka3na however wasn’t having the ridicule as she hit out at trolls telling them to go work on building their own empires rather than focusing on her as she was only ‘catching cruise’.

She tweeted:

While you’re busy dragging me, hope y’all know social media apps are developed on servers?? If it crashes today hope you have a real life hustle to fall back on?? Stop trolling and start building your empire. Abi you too no wan buy house ni😁 CRUISE 👅

See tweets below

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