Rapper Cardi B reveals the problem of Countries like Nigeria

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Popular United States rapper Belcaldis Almanza aka Cardi B, has stated what she feels is the problem of third world countries like Nigeria.

The rapper took to her Twitter page to ask followers and fans not to blame the citizens of third world countries for their troubles rather to face their governments.

She stated that the true problem was greed.

She tweeted:

When ya see third world countries or countries that can be more developed don’t blame the people of the country.The people are always willing to work and progress.Blame the government.There’s a lot of evil in this world the biggest one is GREED.

A follower replied sassily:

Yeah the government is whats wrong w every country in the world especially america which is why its so confusing why libs like her always vote to make it bigger

Cardi quickly put him in check as she stated what she’d had to go through in America before the system had helped her.

She wrote:

STFU.That’s the problems with Americans ya make everything about ya .This country is shitty and but  spoiled .I grew up in poverty here & wic & welfare save me & my family A lot of countries have none of that shit and here you are talking about Liberals stfu & go travel.

See tweets below

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