Your father raped your mother – Clergywoman Laurie Idahosa reacts to Pete Edochie’s tale about his parents

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Nigerian Clergywoman, Laurie Idahosa, has told veteran Nollywood actor Pete Edochie, that his mom was a victim of rape at the hands of her father.

She made this known while reacting to a recent interview by the actor where he disclosed that his mother had been married off to his dad at the age of 15 while he had been 40 years old.

Pete in the interview said

”“My mother was not educated. She was not in love with my father. My father was almost 40 when his uncle told him it was time he got married. He told them to get a wife for him.
My uncle went out to a neighboring village and told them the teacher wanted to get married. The women came out. He looked around and picked one and that was it.
He brought this 15-year-old who didn’t have the courage to look at my father. She gave him ten children and was still shy. Seven boys and three girls” he said

Pastor Idahosa aghast at the story had taken to the comment section to lecture the actor on what she described as the true story.

She wrote:

” How can he laugh about her being “shy?”

Oga, she was not shy. She was a victim of rape and was a child bride. She wasn’t respectful of his age, she was afraid for her life. Know the difference and adjust this story… start telling the truth!”

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