Many of you prayed I wouldn’t win – Burna Boy shades Davido, haters

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Grammy award winning musician Damini Ogulu aka Burna Boy, has shaded his colleague Davido and a host of others who prayed against him.

The African Giant who’s been at loggerheads with Davido has always implied that the OBO was only successful due to the riches of his father.

Taking to Twitter days after his Grammy win, Burna noted that his kids would say that their father did it himself and that they could do it themselves too, implying that he wouldn’t use his influence to aid his kids’ careers like Davido’s dad allegedly does for him.

The ‘Ye’ serenader also mocked his haters who’d prayed against his victory as he labelled dumb for not realizing that his win was theirs also.

Burna tweeted:

My kids will confidently beat their chest and say “Daddy did it on his OWN, We can do it on our own”
When you KNOW yourself. NOBODY can tell you about yourself. KNOW YOURSELVES and never go against yourself
GOD is most definitely NOT A MAN. I will never forget how so many of you prayed that I don’t win. 😂🤣 too dumb to understand that you also win if I win. No worry This is just the beginning. God is Great.
God bless everyone/ anyone who has stood with me! Let’s keep making history! ❤️
Every single person that worked on the project, my incredible team that works 24/7, and my OUTSIDERS!! Big love always ❤️

See his tweets below

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