Resist the urge to blame women for their partners cheating – Toke Makinwa lectures

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Popular media personality Toke Makinwa, has called out society for putting the blame on women for the misdeeds of their husbands.

According to the entrepreneur, people needed to stop making excuses for men who couldn’t control themselves.

Toke made the point that the woman ought to be left out of any nasty comments people had when a cheating case became public.

Toke wrote:

I know we all love a good hot, pipping, steaming tea but can we try to cultivate the habit of not bashing women for the wrongs of their partners, if a woman gets cheated on by her husband/partner resist the urge to blame her for his wrong doing and no, it’s no reflection on her
Stop saying “men will disgrace you”, that is alluding and accepting shame for another’s crime. Instead say “men will disgrace themselves”. Adults should carry their cross without the distribution of shame, the woman was not in the mix, leave her out of the insults.

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