Former Minister FFK hurriedly takes COVID-19 vaccine after calling it “gates killer vaccine” [video]

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Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode FFK, has taken his first jab of the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine some time after condemning it.

He took to his Twitter page to share photos and videos of the moment he got the jab which he said he’d been convinced to take after ex-US president Trump took it too.

He wrote:

”Despite my initially strong reservations I bowed to sound logic and superior reasoning and took my Covid 19 vaccine today.
This is thanks to the counsel of my sister, the distinguished Senator Grace Bent, who convinced me to take it and who emphasised that we must set an example to others.
I also give thanks to my sister the Hon. Patricia Etteh, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, who is the Chairman of the National Hospital where I took the shot and who not only let me eat all HER lunch in her office before the exercise took place but who also gave us a warm reception and guided us through the whole exercise.

Her whole team and staff at the hospital were simply wonderful, highly efficient and very supportive and consequently the whole exercise went smoothly and was very pleasant.
This is a clear case of “never say never”. If anyone had told me that I would take this vaccine up until one month ago I would have said “no way”.

I am glad that I changed my mind and did so because it has brought comfort to many around me who insisted that I must stay healthy and safe at all costs.

I recommend the vaccine to others and I assure you that the National Hospital in Abuja is a great place to take it.

Covid 19 is real and has killed so many people, including dozens that I knew and loved, over the last one year.

Let us fulfill all righteousness, take all necessary precautions, employ all legitimate means to fight it, follow the protcols, sanitise regularly, maintain social distancing, stay healthy, stay safe, stay blessed and live long to take care of our children and loved ones.

Finally let me add this: if my hero President Donald J. Trump can take the vaccine even after criticising and questioning it then so can I.

Blessings! Peace! Shalom!”

Watch video below

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