Easter and Good Friday are of pagan celebrations – Daddyfreeze tackles Christians celebrating

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Popular religious critic and OAP Daddyfreeze, has educated Christians that Easter is of pagan origin and that Jesus dying and resurrecting in three days is illogical.

Freeze took to Instagram in a series of post to explain how Christians were not following the Bible as they celebrated the holiday.

He added that the tradition was being substituted by men for God’s command and asked them to desist from it.

He wrote:

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, our LORD and savior did not die on Good Friday and resurrect on Easter Sunday. This unscriptural fallacy is one of the many traditions of men substituted for commands from God.

Mark 7:8

New Living Translation

For you ignore God’s law and substitute your own tradition.

The word ‘Easter’ is also of pagan origin. It was derived from a blood thirsty Teutonic goddess of fertility named ‘Eostre’. Before you jump and insult me, search the Bible encyclopedia for this fact.

es’-ter (pascha, from Aramaic paccha’ and Hebrew pecach, the Passover festival):

The English word comes from the Anglo-Saxon Eastre or Estera, a Teutonic goddess to whom sacrifice was offered in April, so the name was transferred to the paschal feast.

According to Bible encyclopedia:

‘The word does not properly occur in Scripture, although the King James Version has it in Acts 12:4 where it stands for Passover, as it is rightly rendered in the Revised Version (British and American). There is no trace of Easter celebration in the New Testament, though some would see an intimation of it in 1 Corinthians 5:7. The Jewish Christians in the early church continued to celebrate the Passover,’


See his posts below

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