How I had two abortions cause I wasn’t ready – Singer Bez’s Wife reveals

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The wife of Popular nigerian singer Bez, Bolatito Ladoja has revealed on Easter Sunday that she has had two abortions.

Tito revealed how God have shown her mercy and compassion despite all her wrongdoings.

Linking her story with the Easter celebration, Tito affirmed that Christ resurrection subdued death and set people free from the bondage of sin.

In a series of tweet, she said:

“I’ve had 2 abortions. I was scared and wasn’t ready. I took the only options I thought were available to me at the time. And even in this age of pro choice, I am not personally proud of the choices I made. And I lived in shame and guilt for years.

It almost crippled me when I found myself fighting for the life of my daughter. I couldn’t stop thinking: “I deserve this punishment. Now I’m ready, and God is finally ready to get me back”. But then I didn’t understand the salvation and righteousness that I have in Christ.

That in his death and resurrection Jesus Christ, destroyed my shame and gave me a new name. A new beginning. A new identity. Even in the midst of my ‘sin’ and deepest shame, God couldn’t have punished me because that is what Christ took on when he chose that sacrifice.

In the stripes and death he took all my sin and in his resurrection he set me FREE. What GRACE! So undeserved. I mean, my husband and 3 babies are proof of God’s Grace! I thought: “I have to earn it”, this love, this mercy, this grace.

I thought: I must WORK for this righteousness. I must show that I deserve it. But nothing I did ever felt enough. Until one day I got it: “righteousness (right standing) is the gift of choosing Christ. It is nothing you can ever work for. With this comes freedom to be and to do!

You begin to know, that your works are just you walking in agreement with what God has already done. I am here doing all that I do because nothing holds me back. No guilt, no condemnation, no shame! Christ took it all.

Today is EASTER SUNDAY!Christ rose today. He destroyed the power of death! He set us FREE! Stop punishing yourself,stop thinking it is by your works,stop judging others because quite frankly none of us deserve anything,Christ is the one who paid the price making us WORTHY & FREE!

If you are still burdened by the spirit of condemnation, open yourself to the gift of life from Christ. Accept his salvation today. Invite him into your heart. Release it all to him. He loves you so much, he died for you. HAPPY EASTER!”

See the tweets below

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