“God please don’t give me children that don’t have sense” – TV Host blasts Chioma for dropping out for Davido

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A TV show host on TVC, BeeCee Ugboh, has likened Chioma Avril to someone with no sense as she lampooned her for dropping out of school for finance Davido.

She said that where she comes from, if a woman’s bride price has not been paid, she is on the same level with a girlfriend and a side chic.

She added that the “knocking on the door” ceremony isn’t as solid as payment of bride price, and until bride price is paid, a woman is still a girlfriend and doesn’t have the “covering” accorded wives.

She added that Chioma shouldn’t have dropped out but instead forged a life of her own instead of depending on her man.

She said:

“Where I come from, introduction is not marriage o. The difference now is that, they just came to say, ‘OK, na here you dey stay o’, that’s the difference. You’re still on the same level,” BeeCee said. 

She said that when she first heard that Chioma dropped out, she prayed to God not to give her children without sense.

She said:

“This particular person abandoned school to follow man. The day I heard it, I felt… That was the day I started praying that prayer; God, please, do not give me children that don’t have sense.”

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