Having a child out of wedlock is wrong and should not be encouraged – TV host Morayo Brown comes to defense of colleague in attacking Chioma

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TVC talk show host Morayo Brown, has come to the defense of her co-host BeeCee Ugboh after she attacked Chioma for dropping out for school for fiancé David.

Morayo took to her Instagram page to tell everyone to stop attacking her colleague as she was only doing the right thing.

She called out Nigerians for not doing the right things an praising things that were wrong like having a child out of wedlock.

She wrote:

For those of you who sent insults to @beeceeugboh for her comment on this issue, this post is for you. Nothing is wrong with disagreeing with her. That’s what the show is about, expressing diverse views but insulting her was wrong. Many of you want to go to America, Canada or UK but you don’t respect divergent views. Why would you insult someone for expressing her view?

Secondly, she did not insult Chioma. What she was alluding to is that we must teach our children sense.

I know having children inside wedlock is going out of fashion, but should we, because we don’t want to “be dragged” accept this malady? We all scream to the government to follow due process but when it comes to relationships we throw due process to the wind. We teach children to finish school, then get married. We have very few role models today like Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Shola David-Bora, Oby Ezekwesili, Jumoke Adenowo and Ibukun Awosika. Unfortunately, some other prominent role models today did not follow this path and because they have money, we should overlook it? We are so used to calling good bad and bad good. I don’t know any parent that will be happy to see their child leave university and follow man. When I was growing up that was unheard of. However, if it happens we’ll still support the child the best we can but we must not make it the norm. We must discourage others from toeing this line.

If Chioma chose this path, we’ll accept her for who she is and the success she has become but that should not become the standard. Oun ti o da ko da, ko lo ru ko meji.

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Written by Kama

Kama is a senior news reporter at Dockaysworld. He’s a chemist from the Ancient city of Benin. He enjoys slandering babies and watching sitcoms. He has been published on Fireside fiction magazine and others.


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