Every Nigerian family has a pedophile – Ex-YBNL Princess Temmie declares

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Former YBNL signee Temmie Ovwasa, has said that there are a great number of pedophiles in Nigeria with virtually every home having one.

According to Temmie, nearly every woman she’d met was sexually harassed by an ‘uncle’ while they were children.

Temmie argued that most of these men were heads of homes as she blamed the laws of the country which she said allowed for marrying of children.

She wrote:

There are many pedophiles in Nigeria,
We’re not addressing it as we should and it’s stressing my brain out,
Every family has one,
Almost every Nigerian women I’ve met has been sexually harassed/abused by an uncle..
Where are these uncles?
In their homes, “Head of the house”.
What do you expect from a country where it’s legal to marry children in some parts?
That grown man with a younger wife and a baby they had when she was obviously a minor?
You know him?
Yeah, I know a lot of them too.
Keep pretending it’s not happening right under your noses.

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