A lot of our parents were raised poorly – Toke Makinwa laments

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Popular media personality Toke Makinwa, has drawn attention to what she calls a poor upbringing of Nigerian parents.

According to Toke, parents were also dealing with issues like their children are doing at the moment as it was due to how they were raised during those times.

Toke wrote:

funny as an adult now you almost understand and forgive our parents for not knowing better, that they were also adulting, dealing with issues as we are dealing with now, raising themselves as they were raising us with no manual, no support group, no internet, no exposure.

Most parents raised as they were raised, normalized child abuse without even knowing it was abuse, took the frustration of their times on the kids at home cos they didn’t know any better, the effect of those things they casually did, how they spoke harshly, affects many still.

So many parents couldn’t normalize saying  “I love you” to their kids. Even when told that they were loved, their response often times was “thank you”. a lot of our parents were raised worse and thought those harsh conditions were lessons and they raised us only how they knew.

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